Posted July 10th, 2009 by carls

SEATTLE June 25th

Things started out pretty good on Thursday — we still don’t have a van so although we were hoping to borrow a vehicle from somebody (OF COURSE that didn’t work out) we ended up having to rent one. I put in a reservation for a minivan, but it turned out when I arrived, they only had one minivan (and two minivan reservations) so they asked if I wanted a free upgrade to the premium SUV. It was a massive Ford Expedition with a USB port and wood paneling and stuff, plus it said POWERED BY MICROSOFT on the console. So, shit, why not? Well, I found out later that the reason why not was that the stupid back seats weren’t removable, and because of that, there wasn’t quite enough room for us and our gear… so we had to leave our main bass cab (and the hi-chair we sit on at the drums) behind. No big deal, we’ll make it work.

I figured it would probably be a good idea to check the email one last time before leaving, and post a bulletin for the show in Seattle, and stuff like that and GOD DAMN IT!!! We had an email from the booking guy at the venue (that we had booked over 2 months in advance) saying that he was canceling the show because he had never actually set anything up due to “a rare brain disease.” Well that’s fucking great, thanks for the 6 hours of notice. We decided to head north and try our best to just pick up a show on the way.. I was wishing we could have fit another amp for vocals in case we wanted to play somewhere without a PA.

About an hour into the drive we got word that the impossible is possible:

We ended up at this place called The Morgue which is basically a clubhouse for the Seattle Pyrate Punx. They were super fucking awesome to us and set us up with a show there and even tried to get a few people out for it. Melody called her friend Kenzie who came and opened up the show for us, and it was really good. There was hardly anyone there because it was an impromptu show, so we played for under 10 people.. but we were super happy that we got to play, and we met some really rad people. At some point the zipper on my pants broke but I found a safety pin on the stage so I pinned my fly partially closed with it. This seemed like a good solution at the time but by the next day I had poked myself in the dick on 5 different occasions. The dick, for those who don’t know, is like a Slinky of nerves.

We ended up crashing at Kenzie’s super neat loft and drinking beer and talking about all kinds of deep and meaningful stuff… and inevitably about how great Discovery* is. That tends to happen. I slept most of the night in the Expedition to keep an eye on the gear but at some point I woke up freezing my ass off and went back inside.

* as in Daft Punk, duh.

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