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PORTLAND June 24thWe played at Slabtown, and this was our first show with Damaris. We figured it would be good to test the waters with the new lineup before leaving town, and it went really well. It turned out that our sound guy would be Levi Lunde (who mixed our first record in 07) so […]


July 10th, 2009

SEATTLE June 25thThings started out pretty good on Thursday — we still don’t have a van so although we were hoping to borrow a vehicle from somebody (OF COURSE that didn’t work out) we ended up having to rent one. I put in a reservation for a minivan, but it turned out when I arrived, […]

BELLINGHAM June 26thWe woke at a greasy diner waiting for greasy food, and then stopped by Bryan’s mom’s house on the way up to Bellingham to use the internet and stuff. When we got up North, we hit Chuckanut Drive and went to the beach where we messed with crabs and starfish and climbed around […]


July 10th, 2009

TACOMA June 27thI woke up freezing my ass off again, this time on a trampoline. The night before, we had driven up to Custer to sleep at Tucker’s parents’ house and after wildly yelling over the Expedition’s system (blasting Alopecia, aka the best album of last year) we found ourselves unable to keep quiet or […]

Maybe I’m spoiled, maybe I’m crazy, maybe I’m naive, or maybe I’m just talking in hyperbole, but touring is fucking EASY. So easy, in fact, that maybe it’s not even worth doing. It truly is amazing that, with a little bit of planning and a little bit of being in an awesome rock band, I […]

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