Posted February 7th, 2011 by carls

We are still sitting on our proverbial whale pelvis bones around the metaphorical fire hole trying to warm up our hypothetical hand bloods and wondering “WHERE THE F ARE OUR 7 INCHES?”

We expected to have these things over a month ago at the latest, so I called the lathe guy in New Zealand and was told that there were some delays because of the holidays and this and that. OK, no worries. At that time he said they are ‘basically done’ and would be shipping Friday. Well, Friday would have been January 7th, also known as a month ago today. I guess it’s possible that it takes a bunch of records a whole month to ship from New Zealand to Portland, but that seems like pretty much the max, right? I guess I don’t know fuck all about international shipping, but I would like to think the delay is that Frodo and Gandalf are bringing our 7 inches from New Zealand by way of sailship, and since I tend to do what I like, what I am currently doing is thinking that the delay is because Frodo and Gandalf are bringing our 7 inches by way of sailship.

Anyway, whatever. We are working on new songs, and the old ones will show up on vinyl when they show up I guess. Working on new songs basically always means EVERYTHING IS GOING GREAT! Seriously.

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