Posted July 10th, 2009 by carls

PORTLAND June 24th

We played at Slabtown, and this was our first show with Damaris. We figured it would be good to test the waters with the new lineup before leaving town, and it went really well. It turned out that our sound guy would be Levi Lunde (who mixed our first record in 07) so that was a cool surprise. We were all excited to be playing with Damaris who we have all known for years. Our band has always been made up of friends first, so with the departure of Bobby and Bryan, the rest of us really wanted to keep it that way. Bryan had agreed to finish these last few shows with us to ease the transition. We played with The Hand That Bleeds, and that was pretty awesome, plus Flaspar was supposed to play too but they canceled. There was a silver lining in their not showing up though because not only did it mean we got out of there in time to catch The Hunches’ last show at East End, but on the way there we hit the Burnside bridge as it was being raised. We got stuck next to the Red Bull car while we waited for a sailboat to pass through and we all got free Red Bull!! Thanks Flaspar!

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